Meet the T&J Trophy Wives

Vivienne A. Miller and Cathy E. Trimmer

Vivienne graduated in 1977 from Northeastern High School and Cathy graduated from Central York High School in 1979. Both trophy wives took business courses and regularly attend training sessions in their field.

The wives, along with their husbands David and Marty, purchased T&J in 1999 and have been designing awards into a winning business ever since with competitive prices and excellent customer service.

"Awards make kids, adults, and organizations happy. Recognizing someone's accomplishments is just as rewarding to us as it is for them. In all, it is a FUN business to be in. " -Cathy

"Every milestone along the road is an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment!" - Vivienne

If someone you know needs recognized and awarded, T&J Giftland Trophies is your one-stop shop.

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